・Soba uchi


The experience of soba noodle cooking (Soba uchi)


It has been known that Minami aizu is blessed with pure water and a major source of buckwheat. You can try cooking buckwheat noodle with the flour reaped in this area under the guidance of master.The buckwheat noodle cooked by yourself will be delicious.

Minami-aizu machi
(before Tateiwa mura)

adult : 2500 yen   children:2000yen
Time required  2hours
9:00 - 16:00
Number of People  2 - 100 persons

Taiken minshuku no kai

Aizu Astraea hotel TEL: 0241-78-2241
Aizu kougen leisure survice TEL: 0241-78-5066
N.P.O  A.R.S TEL: 0241-78-7010
Shimogou machi

2500 yen(500g of 4 public)
Time required 60minutes
9:00 - 16:00(regular holiday: every Wednesday)
Number of People  1 - 60 persons

The Ouchijuku Shoku-no-yakata
−Soba Noodle Cooking School
TEL: 0241-68-2800
Minami-aizu machi
(before Nangou mura)
Minamiaizu machi
Nangou sougou sisho
Minami-aizu machi
(before Tajima machi)
Minshuku Simizu-sou 0241-64-2144
Tadami machi 3000 yen  (One group)
Time required  60 minutes
8:00 - 17:00 (open: Mar - Nov) 
Number of People  6 - 20 persons   
Tadami soba doujou
−The Tadami Soba Noodle School
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