Straw work (straw sandal, straw mat, etc.)

〜わら細工 (わらじなど)

You can challenge making straw sandals and genbei used in the past daily life, and also can challenge making of play tools made of straw. When you visit Iwadate, please be sure to visit here.

Minamiaizu Area/Minamiaizu machi (before Tateiwa-mura)
Place Maezawa magariya data house, or the place desired
Acceptance term End April to early Nov.
Number of People 5 to about 20 persons
Time required One hour and up
Price Free of charge at the data museum, \7,000 when requested (group)
Access 30 minutes by Aizu bus from Aizu railway Aizu Kougen station for Oze Hinoemata, or one hour and and 20 minutes from Touhoku car road Nisinasuno IC
Reference Tateiwa nougyou kousha
TEL (0241)78-2795
FAX (0241)78-3050

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